Human Resources Specialist:


  • Implementation of agreements.

  • Unilateral noninfringement of the agreements.

  • Punctuality and responsibility.

  • Working in American English environment, as well as american english accent - are essential.

  • Ability to work during night time and adapt to US time zone reality.

  • Clear understanding of your coordinate system ( home /work , work/home ).

  • Stable Internet connection (must have additional Internet access such as 3G).


Work conditions:

  • Full-time schedule: from 15:00 till 01:00 ( Kiev time )

  • Five days a week, about 10 hours per day, about 50 hours a week

  • Trial period: 2 months

  • Weekends: Saturday and Sunday

  • Remote work


Education and research:

  • Obligatory learning of the HR USA Company.

  • Research of market/ technologies / tools in order to find new sources for active and passive recruitment.

  • HR market research to achieve efficiency of recruitment processes that we use.

  • Creation / correction of vacancies for different companies.

  • Adapting working conditions for applicants according to realities of the market / customer environment.

  • Timely implementation of your duties to maintain desired number of employees for every company.

  • Development planning of HR department / agency.

  • Timely fulfilment of screening plan

  • Development / creation / strategic planning for successful recruitment using internet resources:

    • social networking.

    • professional networking opportunities.

    • target resources.

  • Choosing corresponding employment method for job seekers from moment of receiving the application form

Screening / interviews:

  • Creation / correction / adjustment of scripts for the company.

  • Conducting preliminary screening and interviews.

  • Selection of suitable candidates for a particular company.

Management (task management and staff):

  • Maintain all necessary data about applicants.

  • Setting tasks to other employees for successful and efficient interaction with candidates before and after employment.

  • Maintaining candidates database.

  • Searching and integration of other tools to improve efficiency of the recruitment process.

  • Setting targets for changes in contracts / job offers.

Email interaction:

  • Setting targets using email marketing in order to find applicants.

  • Writing and rewriting letters with vacancy description for electronic mailouts.

  • Adjusting job description in accordance with realities of the company.

  • Composing required letters / documents.

Supporting of employees at all stages of interaction (interview process):

  • Assisting employees through Call Support

  • Assisting in preparation of and sending instructions to employees

  • Performing other special tasks regarding this matter

Interaction (with employees during their work in the company):

  • Periodic implementation of employee survey

  • Maintaining constant contact with possible future candidates.

  • Sending prepared documents to applicants / employees.


  • Maintain necessary reporting activities regarding the HR

  • Management of document reporting for each applicant

Short description of the hiring process:

  • Preparation of letters for email marketing

  • Adding candidates to the database

  • Conducting interviews with candidates

  • Adherence to the company's schematic of hiring process

  • Emailing documents and notifications to applicants

  • Controlling candidates' accuracy of filling out the documents

  • Verifying completeness of incoming documents

  • Transferring applicant to employee status

  • Testing of new employee's knowledge of work

  • Composing letters / templates.

Compensation package for your abilities and your time:

  • Trial period is 2 months: $300 USD/month.

  • Payment methods: direct deposit to bank account / card / PayPal /cash by courier.

  • Payments are weekly, every Friday.

  • After the trial period salary is subject to increase, $400-700 USD depending on results.

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Send your CV to our email, and we will select the variant which corresponds to your experience, ambitions and skills most of all.


However you can work for us being at any place all over the world. This is because we offer the opportunity of remote work. You will have a chance to answer customer phone calls and fulfill other tasks being at home.


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Competitive salary.
 The wages we pay to our employees are significantly higher than the average ones on the market. Talented and hard-working employees get additional bonuses and perks.

Promotion opportunities.
If you try hard, you can get promotions and make a successful career at our company within the shortest time possible.

Social guarantees.
All our employees are provided with paid holiday, medical and pension insurance as well as with other guarantees.

Positive intracorporate atmosphere.
Our company is a friendly team of highly qualified specialists. We have created all the necessary conditions for you to develop and improve your knowledge from the very first day when you start working for us.

Flexible work schedule.
It is up to you to schedule your work at our company. You can work at any time convenient for you.


Our company focuses on people. This is an essential part of our corporate culture. We are willing to achieve a balance between the perfect work environment and providing high-quality services to our customers. Extensive training and coaching are provided for our employees.

You will have a chance to improve your knowledge and work in a forward-thinking team.

Each employee is extremely valuable for us. We appreciate all skills employees bring to our company. Every employee contributes to achieving our company’s corporate objectives. The role of everyone is very important to our company’s success.


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