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CONTACT 360 has successfully provided communication for companies and individuals for more than 5 years.

We work 24 hours per day and can boast of having hundreds of grateful customers and more than 7000 hours� work experience.

We are certain that our full range of call center, virtual office and messaging services can be very helpful in developing your business.

About Us

We have always been dedicated to provide customers with high quality services and satisfy their expectations. By managing your phone calls, we will save your valuable time. We can guarantee that your clients and partners will always get in touch with you.

Today�s market is competitive and challenging, and CONTACT 360 will supply you with qualitative call center and messaging services. With our help, you will always be one step ahead.



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Customer service

Control of remote employees by phone, via Skype and/or web-applications

Inbound & Outbound calls

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Additional services

How It Works?

Our cooperation with the customer starts from the detailed discussion of the range and character of set tasks, possible variants of their realization and the cost of our services.




When concluding agreements for long-term cooperation with corporate clients, our specialists clarify all necessary details including:

  • Customer�s scope of activity
  • Social status, age category and other peculiarities of customer�s subscriber audience
  • Average daily amount of inbound and outbound phone calls/
  • Necessity to look for buyers, make cold calls, send emails and commercial offers
  • Demand for hot line organization
  • Periodical need for mass phoning of a large number of subscribers, arrangement of presentations, conferences, informing customers about promotion actions and sales
  • Necessity to accomplish the outsourcing control of remote employees by phone or via skype
  • Possibility of increasing the amount of work
  • Other details

Setting up instructions on your account:

The set of instructions we apply to answer your inbound calls includes scripts and information pages. We are willing to speak in the manner entirely corresponding to your company�s corporate culture. In particular, we use such information as:

  • A special answer phrase to tell your company name.
  • Instructions on taking messages, transferring calls and routing special cases.
  • We also deliver messages to customers by phone, via email or fax. Messages can also be sent online with Client Access.



Taking phone calls:

  • Your account will be assigned a unique phone number.
  • Every time a call is made to your account, our call management software recognizes it.
  • You can forward your existing telephone number to us. It is up to you to decide how many times you will do it.
  • Your calls will be directed to specialists most suitable for the needs of your account.
  • This is the key advantage in the services provided by our company.
  • We are certain that specialized answer services are more effective than ordinary ones because they work with accounts that have similar objectives.


I applied to CONTACT 360 when I had a serious financial problem. I needed to consult a few Madrilenian banks. The question was quickly solved. I am satisfied with everything and surprised with the high professionalism of CONTACT 360 employees. What has gladdened me most of all is full confidentiality.

Frank  Rupert, Software developer

We constantly use the services of CONTACT 360. We are impressed by the professionalism and experience of the company employees.

Jacqueline H. Anderson, Owner of a Tree Services Company

We have used the online support service CONTACT 360 for more than a year. We are very thankful to the company specialists for their professional work.

William  Smith, Managing Director, CAT

We have used outsourcing call center services for more than half a year already. Thanks to these services, we manage to save a large amount of money, significantly increase the quality of contacts with customers and substantially expand business communications.

David L. Rivera,  Personnel department manager, TNT Logistics

We use the services of the advertising messaging organization and promotion actions support from time to time. We especially want to thank the CONTACT 360 specialists for their very high speed of answering phone calls when the hot line is arranged.

Christopher M. Negrete,  Personnel department manager, The Bank of New York

I wanted to purchase a specific model of Toshiba notebook. I was looking for it only at American online stores. I experienced large problems because of the language barrier. I solved my problem within two hours thanks to the quick work of CONTACT 360 specialists.

Brenda Martinez,  Hairdresser

Before applying to CONTACT 360, we had experienced big difficulties with processing incoming information on our email and providing timely answers to inbound letters. We are satisfied with the professional approach of specialists. We are also glad that a special team has been formed to fulfill our tasks.

Matthew  Thomas, Head of Operations, Ford

We needed to arrange full-time communication with customers within the shortest possible time. Considering that our scope of activity is remote software administration of corporate networks, we needed specialists proficient in this field.  We are satisfied with everything.

Jamie B. Jackson, Director of Support Services, GMC



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